How To Make An Outdoor Shower

How To Make An Outdoor Shower

When you trade in your suburban home for living in an RV for the unforeseeable future, it is extremely helpful to know how to make an outdoor shower. Especially when the pump for the shower in your RV quits or barely works, as in Jacki and her family's case. A few years back, Jacki, her husband, along with their children decided they wanted to make some changes. Big changes. As your typical middle-class family, they had a beautiful house with a 30-year mortgage. It was their desire to spend the next 30 years of their life differently that led them to sell their home and move to their picturesque 10 acres. Without a house on the property, the family lives in an RV and plans to build, paying cash as they go. To live without the easy convenience and luxuries of a modern home, takes some creativity and ingenuity.

It is that same ingenuity and creativity that lead Jacki and her hubby to build a classy looking outdoor shower. Jacki, a former member of the Peace Corps, is no stranger to sacrifices and hard work. Finding the perfect spot for both privacy and adequate drainage (it's no fun to take a shower while standing in a mud hole), she and hubby got to work. Once they had the spot level and prepped, they installed the shower. The combination of dark red wood, rattan and rock, using resources from their property as finishing touches, they created a classy yet rustic space to enjoy a refreshing shower. Perfect for cleaning off after a dip in the lake or working in the garden, it will make a lovely addition to your pool area, dock or garden.

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