How To Make A Solar Powered Lighted Walkway

How To Make A Solar Powered Lighted Walkway

There are many things you can do around your house to make it more energy efficient, things like having the proper windows and doors as to not lose heat, to having trees and proper window covers to keep things cool in the hot months. This innovative idea on "How To Make A Solar Powered Lighted Walkway," is just one way you can save energy.

To make a solar powered lighted walkway you will just need a few things to include LEDs, solar panels, speaker wire, hot glue and you will want to get some suitably shaped glass blocks that can line your path. To start you want to find the location to put your blocks, maybe a path that goes from the driveway to the front door, or whatever works for you, think of a location you may need to walk on when it is dark. It's a good idea to put one of the glass blocks in the path first to see how it looks during the day, dig a little hole a little deeper than the end result would be, pour a little fine gravel into bottom of hole (so you won't be looking at dirt through the glass) and fill back in around block.

For this project a couple of solar lights designed to clip on to a patio umbrella were found at Home Depot for about 8 dollars, the solar panels were separable and the batteries drove six separate LEDs. Regular solar lights would mean about six solar panels and a lot more wires running around. The solar panels were separated from the battery/circuit board case and extended the wires that connected them, the panel went on the owners roof just over the from door.

To read the full step by step instructions on how to make a solar powered lighted walkway, visit the website link below to the "Instructables," website.

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