How To Make A Hollow Log Planter

How To Make A Hollow Log Planter

This exciting article is going to direct you in How To Make A Hollow Log Planter. Springtime is here, and as all the flowers are being planted with the expectation of full blooming plants, so too are the ideas of how to brighten up your yard and creatively spice up your landscape.

We refer to this hollow log planter, for instance. All you need is a chainsaw, an ax and some soil and voila! You have the perfect mini-raised gardening bed to plant your flowers in while keeping a natural forest feel to your backyard at no cost whatsoever. A hollow log planter really shines when you plant beautiful summer flowers in it, and the sight of flowers growing straight out of a log, as if by magic, is both enchanting and very natural.

I love gardening and have often tried using raised beds for my yard, with great results. The only real drawbacks with traditional raised bed gardening are the cost of wood planks to build it, the hours of hard work to construct it, and finally the unnatural boxy look to it that might take away from the beauty of your backyard. With a hollow log planter, you still raise the plants off the ground to protect them and the soil, but it requires less work and is cheaper because it is already partly built in the form of a log and all you have to do is hollow it out. I've always dreamed of having a unique and natural yard, and building one of these would go a long way towards making my dream a reality.

The real beauty of this hollow log planter is how simple and easy it is to make. It takes only a few hours and is a very rewarding addition to the yard.

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