How To Grow Wheatgrass At Home

How To Grow Wheatgrass At Home

To live a healthy lifestyle! Why not try growing it yourself at home instead of spending hundreds of money to have it already juiced. We now know that wheatgrass is loaded with essential vitamins and nutrients, all of which keep the body and mind balanced. Taking a "shot" of juiced wheatgrass as part of your daily routine is considered a healthy way to start your day, but it can get very expensive. This short article gives full instructions about how to cultivate wheatgrass from seeds and make the most of it once it has matured.

1: You need to start from wheat. If you can buy it in bulk, it will be more economical.

2. Pour 1 cup of wheat into a large mason jar with water and let it soak overnight.

3. Put a sprouting lid onto the mason jar, or you could use cheesecloth and an elastic band.

4. Drain and rinse the seeds, pour out the water.

5. Rinse and place jar upside down on dish rack and rinse twice a day for about a day and a half until the sprouts begin to come out.

6. Take the spouts and spread them out onto a tray with a very thin layer of soil on the bottom of the tray (about 1cm of soil). Make sure the soil is wet before the next step.

7. Pour the sprouted wheat out onto the soil and spread it evenly into a thin layer.

8. Cover the tray with a piece of newspaper.

9. Pour water onto the newspaper to make damp.

10. Let the excess water run out before bringing it back inside into a dark dry area.

11. After a couple of days take the newspaper out and you should see the sprouts coming up a few centimeters.

12. Move it to some indirect light and water daily to let it sprout fully and green.

13. To use, cut with scissors low down in the tray and make your own juice or just chew the grass and spit out the fiber.

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