How to Get Free Logs to Build your Log Home With

How to Get Free Logs to Build your Log Home With

So you want to build your log home and get it done for the cheapest price available? Then you will need to learn where to find a good source of free logs in order to do so and cut the cost dramatically. It is one of the most common questions asked by so many, so here are a few lessons and tips that will help you to get started.

The free log loophole. Previously, it used to be possible for the average American to walk into the local US National Forest Service office and get free, dirt cheap trees or logs. But, unfortunately they do not allow this anymore so we dont recommend that you try barging into a Forest Service officer demanding for free trees. Most likely, they will probably laugh at you and ask you to leave the area. You can try it for yourself if you dont believe us.

What they do say is that there is a loophole in the law that still allows you to get cheap or free timber. One example was of one student who bought all the logs he needed for a beautiful log home for twenty-five cents per log (fifty cents per tree, but they were so big that he got two logs from each tree). And this was after he had visited the Forest Service and been told that they dont give away free trees anymore. Isn't it hilarious?

We had more stories like this over the years, so you can use the same legal loophole to acquire your logs. We discuss this method in detail in our log home building class. So yes it is possible. Like the old saying goes if you seek you shall find! And then you can go ahead with building the house of your dreams!

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