How to Get a Trendy, Energy Efficient Home Built for Just $140 per SQM

How to Get a Trendy, Energy Efficient Home Built for Just $140 per SQM

So many people would love to live in a log cabin, but they can tend to be somewhat expensive. This is Another COCO $140 per square meter prefabricated log home, would be a wonderful home to build. Log homes have been built for centuries! They have been made since even before the pioneers started to settle on the land when they first arrived from Europe. They brought some of their techniques of building with logs from their homeland, and used their knowledge to build homes and buildings for themselves when starting out in North America. The settlers made use of the materials they could find in their immediate environment, and so trees, since they grew so abundantly, were one of the best resources for building. But some of the Native tribes that already lived in North America, were already making very good use of the logs for houses, ceremonial buildings, and statues. So as you can tell, logs have been used for a very long time.

In the link provided, you will see this amazing house, that is one of their newer, larger size of houses from Alibaba company. What a contemporary, modern looking home, and very stylish for a prefabricated home, it just goes to show that prefabricated homes can be very unique in their look too. This one looks to have a lot of space in it, and is two stories. The exterior is absolutely gorgeous and so is the interior of this log cabin! It has high cathedral ceilings and lots of windows to let a lot of wonderful sunlight into all of the rooms in the home, especially the great room.

There is a great porch on the front of the house, where you can put some outdoor seating, and enjoy some time outside. As well as some upper balcony space off of the main bedroom. The photos of it show just how awesome it is on the inside as well and how great it can look once you finish designing all aspects of it! With the very modern looking features like the fire place, and the kitchen with all new an modern fixtures and appliances. Of course, these are all things that you have to buy separately from the cost of the pre fab kit, but it gives you an idea of how great it can look, and gives some inspiration for the interior design.

The homes are made in Zhejiang in China, and they also show how easy the kits are to assemble, and easy to disassemble too. The logs in the kit are Russian Pine or SPF wood, which is square lumber or dimensional lumber. It stands for Spruce, Pine and Fir. All of the pieces of the kit are wrapped separately, so that no damage can be done to them. The house is definitely strand enough to withstand strong winds and earthquakes, and is very waterproof, they have tested it all for water resistance. The other nice thing is that you could be able to put it together with only 2 people! Check out more of their great houses!

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