How To Gently Clean Cast Iron Pots And Pans

How To Gently Clean Cast Iron Pots And Pans

Many people swear by old cast iron pans to use in the kitchen and they swear by the older, vintage ones over the new ones. One of the biggest concerns when you own a cast iron pan is How To Gently Clean Cast Iron Pots And Pans. You want to keep your pans clean, but washing them improperly can reduce their quality. So this post from The Bold Abode blog, is going to be essential for you to have and learn from if you have cast iron pans or plan on getting some. Many users of vintage cast iron do not like the quality of modern day cast iron, which is why the first recommendation of many cast iron users is to look for older and antique cast iron, rather than buying it brand new at the store. The newer cast iron tends to be a bit heavier and bulkier and has a rougher surface for cooking, because it hasn't been worked in yet, like the other older pans have been. The newer ones get better with age, just like an older one has and continues to.

When you buy an old pan, you will definitely get the high quality of pan you want, plus, the pan will most likely be a lot cheaper that buying one of the brand new modern ones. Also, you will be recycling if you buy an old pan, and that is something everyone can approve of these days. They other thing that sways people in the direction of buying an older cast iron pan, is that all modern-day cast iron cookware, except for a brand called Lodge, is produced outside the United States; much of it is from Asia. It is good to stay with products that are made in your own country, because not only are you supporting your own economy and jobs of people, but you are not supporting the horrible labor practices in parts of Asia.

Once you have your cast iron pan of your choosing, you will need to know how to keep it clean. A lot of people say they don't need to be cleaned too much, because otherwise you take all of the oils off, and then things will stick to the pan more. This is absolutely true, and this is why Gwen, over at The Bold Abode teaches us how to "gently" clean our cast iron pots and pans. You don't want to take away all of the good seasoning that has happened to your pans. In this post, you will realize that cleaning cast iron doesn't even involve soap and water, which might seem odd, but, it is all a part of keeping the cast iron nicely lubricated so that things won't stick all over it. You actually use oil to clean your pan! Gwen shows us exactly how to do this, and the post is complete with some great animated shots, so you can see exactly how to do it. She even teaches you how to make a gentle scraper for your pan, so you can get all of the stuck on food, off as you are cleaning it, without scratching the cast iron up.

She also says, to never use water on a cast iron pan. This will just dry it out, and it won't be very fun to use anymore. So what do you do if you get an old pan that you really want to disinfect? Should you use water on that? Well, there is another post on her website about how to go about doing that! Perfect! All of your cast iron pan cleaning and seasoning needs and how to, all in one convenient website! Perhaps now you will be more inclined to use your awesome cast iron pans if you don't use them already. Many people claim that they never use any other pan when they cook, only their cast iron pans. Happy cleaning and cooking!

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