How to EASILY Build a Rustic Log Picnic Table

How to EASILY Build a Rustic Log Picnic Table

My fellow people, have you ever tried making your own picnic table? “Nah, I’m good with sitting on the ground, eating sandwiches with my love ones.” Oh right. Don’t you think it would be much better if you have a picnic table to share and sit with them? *silence* “Now that you've mentioned, I'm thinking about it.” Great! I highly recommend that you build this rustic log picnic table! *winks* Not only that it’s rustic. It’s elegant, my friend. “Rustic but elegant?” Yes! It is rustic but it totally has the elegant ambiance! Are you on for this? “Give me more time to think. *silence* Yes! I'll have it!” Whoa! Ok, before the building starts, let’s find out first the most beautiful and best lumbers to use for your future picnic table. Here we go! *winks*

First is the Sugar Maple. Sugar Maple comes from northeastern Canada. As stated in Fine Furniture Maker’s website, this maple species is versatile, “from furniture making, to fine letter blocks for printing press, to tool handles and even billiard cues. It ages and discolors less than sycamore and its grain can be very wavy.”

European Walnut is another beautiful lumber that you can use to build your picnic table. This wood is considered to be the King among Kings. “Its ease of usage, color, texture, figure and sheer depth of beauty, combined with stability and its vast range of application, from turning to furniture, make this one species which has to be experienced.” I see why it’s the King. *curtsies then winks*

Lastly, we have the English Oak. It is also known as the Majesty Oak. *silence* Guys, we’re surrounded by royal. Do the curtsy. Right away! Hello, Your Majesty. *another curtsy* This log is considered the best and the most magnificent for furniture making.

There are other woods as well like fir, pine and cedar to name a few, but it will depend on the area you live in what is available for you to use.

It is time to build this rustic log picnic table. Have your choice of log and click DIY Network website below for the directions. Have fun! *winks*

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