How to Design Your Own Tiny House on Wheels at Minimum Cost

How to Design Your Own Tiny House on Wheels at Minimum Cost

Wouldn't it be amazing to be able to take your house with you wherever you go and not have to pay rent to live in a over priced apartment? That is what this beautiful, Spacious Cabin On Wheels With Large Windows is all about. This awesome cabin on wheels is one of Richs Portable Cabins that he offers on his own website, from his very own timbre mill. Rich had worked in the timber industry for a very long time before he ended up buying a parcel of timber land, and building sheds for a living. Over the last several years, his business has grown into building cabins and mobile homes for people to purchase. Rich has been building cabins for 15 years now, and loves what he does. His company offers a variety of cabins like the one you see on Tiny House Pins, and customers can also have their custom cabin built through him.

While many people love the thought of building their own house or cabin, some just don't have the time or maybe the skill to do it. So that is why its so wonderful that companies like Rich's company are around to help people out in getting their very own cabin or tiny home. It makes for an easy option for people who can't build their own portable tiny house or cabin, and with customization options, the sky it the limit when it comes to people getting the cabin they have been dreaming about. So if you are one of the people who wants a tiny house, but are not able to build it yourself or just don't want to build it yourself, then these cabins might interest you.

This cabin is called the Puget Sound cabin on wheels. The Puget sound is unfortunately not available any longer through Rich's website, but if you wanted one like it, there is probably one that is pretty similar, or he could build a custom one for you that is similar to this one. The cabin is super spacious and has a great design. It looks really great too on the outside. This one has cedar lap siding, but he also offers log siding as well. The astonishing thing, is how incredibly spacious this cabin is on the inside. Usually tiny homes are not able to fit a bath tub in them, but this one even has a bath in the bathroom! It looks like a regular small bathroom. Also, the kitchen is a really great size, with plenty of counter space, and room for a full sized stove, and a full sized fridge, where many smaller houses on wheels just have a mini refrigerator, and a hot plate and a small convection oven. For people who like to cook, I would say that the larger kitchen would definitely be a draw. The other nice thing, is that the bedroom is a great size as well, and is on the main level, sometimes the bedroom can be a loft in these smaller houses. There is also a loft space above as well, that could be used as a second sleeping room, or as storage. There are so many great windows, which also help to really open up the space and make it feel larger, as well as keep the air circulating in the smaller space. And how awesome is the nicely sized deck on the front of the house?

One of Rich's homes would make for a beautiful place to call home, that could be taken anywhere that can be driven to. Many people park these in a campground or find a piece of land to live on and settle down there. There are even more plans and cabins to check out on Rich's great website that you can get to through this pin on Tiny house pins.

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