How to Conserve Energy by Making Use of House Orientation

How to Conserve Energy by Making Use of House Orientation

This "Wood Studio House" sits on a forested hillside near Sant Cugat del Vallès, a small city just north of the city of Barcelona, Spain.The tiny house is designed to be a residence but is for the time being just used as a workspace. The house was built on an already existing foundation, that gives way to the rectangular shape with the long side oriented to the south.

The architecture firm of Dom Arquitectura took advantage of the great southern orientation and designed the wood studio house dwelling for to also make use of passive solar heating, by placing the solar panels for water heating on the roof. They building of the wood studio house also reduced the tiny home’s environmental impact by building it from sustainable materials. The architects cut out two corners from the basic rectangular floor plan, one to be used as a covered entry and the other for use as a small inset porch. There is 818 squre feet of floor space which exception of the bathroom, is an open L shaped space. This is divided into two functional areas by a fireplace and the jog in the wall.

The same wood is used to cover both the ceiling and the walls, giving the interior a seamless, modern and spacious look. The long term plan is that the smaller portion of the tiny house, which is currently used as an office/studio space, will at some point later be turned into a bedroom simply by building a wall behind the fireplace. The other part could be an open living area with the existing wall of cabinetry becoming the kitchen. Both parts of the tiny wood studio house have large south facing windows that make use of the passive solar heating in winter. To keep the heat out in summer, the glass is shaded by the porch roof and a louvered brise soleil. Small windows on the north side of the tiny house allow for breezes to ventilate the tiny home.

You will want to take a look at the site to see further some of the great details of this wood studio house design, and how they made use of the passive heating with the help of a detailed drawing of exactly how this environmentally tiny house makes use of the materials used.

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