How to Build Your Very Own Log Furniture

How to Build Your Very Own Log Furniture

Have you ever wanted to build your very own log furniture? Do you have access to logs? Are you a bit of a handyman or woman? Are you a go-getter, a do it yourself kind of person? Than you can learn how to build your very own log furniture!

Several years ago for Christmas, my husband surprised me with a log bed for our bedroom. I had been eying log furniture for sometime. Intrigued with the wood being salvaged from the pine beetle epidemic sweeping across British Columbia, I loved how artisans were using the wood to create fabulous pieces of furniture. I also love the look of log furniture.

Rustic, solid and sturdy, these pieces of furniture are sure to last a lifetime and beyond! The cool thing about log furniture is how the pieces of wood used vary in shape, color and texture. With knots and nubs they are interesting and beautiful. Their "imperfections" give them character and uniqueness. You can even add your own special touch like my husband did. He carved a heart with our initials in the center, onto the post of the foot board. He is a sweet man. I love our log bed! Thank you hubby!

Log furniture is rustic and solid and beautiful. You can do as we did and buy log furniture from one of your talented, local craftsmen. Or, following in the steps of our forefathers, you can learn how to make your very own log furniture. Omer Charest of 'Wonderful Woodworking' will take you through each of the steps on how to do just that! He lays out clear, step by step instructions on how to build your very own log bed. You will build a unique, solid piece that will last for generations to come.

To view the instructions for the log bed, visit 'Wonderful Woodworking' or follow the link below. Sweet dreams!

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