How to Build This Self-Sustaining 1414 Solar Cabin for Under $2,000

How to Build This Self-Sustaining 1414 Solar Cabin for Under $2,000

Steps on building self-sustaining 14x14 Solar Cabin under $2000

- Concrete decks piers are used for corners and 2x6 or 2x8 floor joist

- 4"x4"x10' corner posts are used for strength

- Floor joist girder is any solid pole or beam supported by concrete blocks

- Insulate the floor in cold climates and vapor and radon barrier of plastic goes on the ground under the floor

- 3/4 T&G wafer board used for flooring

- 2x4's are used for wall studs attached to the 4x4 corner posts. Place 2x4's on 16inch centers. Use double 2x4's for a header

- Wall sheating is T1-11 or suitable material. Use a vapor barrier or tar paper under wall sheating

- Loft is 2x6x14's on 16inch centers covered in 5/8 wafer board

- Roof rafters are 2x6x10 or 2x8x10

- Attach roof rafters with toe nail or 3inch screws, rafter brace will lock into 2" roof girder, make sure of a gusset out of scrap wood and screw in place for extra support.

- Roof rafter is attached to the wall using a metal rafter tie.

- Install one rafter and roof girder to start, this step will need help from your friend

- Roof rafters slide over roof girder and are secured with metal ties

- Installed rafters, windows and doors.

- Roof is 5/8 wafer board and covered in tar paper

- Roof can be made of shingled or metal roofing.

IDEAS FOR INTERIOR DESIGN LAYOUT can be found on the slides provided

- Foundation of cabin covered with exterior siding and painted gray

- Front porch made from log posts and rough cut 2x6 lumber

See materials list for cabin built for under $2,000 on the slides provided.

All of these can be done in just two weeks time, what are you waiting for, act now and good luck. Cheers!


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