How to Build Dirt Cheap Houses

How to Build Dirt Cheap Houses

A home is a must for every individual, and it is sad that we do see a lot of people who don't have anywhere to live. There are far too many people living on the streets where they are unprotected and prone to the many dangers of the natural elements. The basic need for shelter is global and the type of shelter you live in will also vary with where you are living. If you happen to be a person living in a more natural environment and have a little space you call your own, these 'Dirt Cheap Houses' are made with natural materials that perhaps are available to you.

An economical interesting method you should look at is the earthbag building. The materials that you require for this type of building are cost efficient such as straw, earth and small wood. The structures being built from these materials are non-toxic, have the strength, are durable and have sustainability, plus you can make a very comfortable home, doing the labor yourself. Earthbag homes are gaining popularity!

The amount of money that you will save will shock you. You could build a nice little home for $1000 to $5000, depending how big you want to go. These structures will outlast most conventional wooden frame houses. Imagine, being able to build your own really great home for under $10 a sq.ft. You can build in steps as well, starting with one roundhouse then adding more. You will be excited at how much space you can have on a low budget, and your house can be very posh inside. You get to be the designer and builder and be in control of your own destiny minus a huge mortgage and big debt on a large conventional home. Find out the whole step-by-step procedure in building dirt cheap houses, check out the link to 'Instructables' website below.

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