How To Build An Off-Grid Home From Dirt

How To Build An Off-Grid Home From Dirt

How To Build an Off Grid Home from Dirt: Ever thought of living out of the busy urban or suburban lifestyle you have now? Living off the grid is an interesting and tasty prospect for many, but this article shows you just how to.

Building your own abode off-grid is no easy task, but with the idea of earthbag homes, it might just be a realistic prospect. In 1984, the German Professor Gernot Minke took the time to experiment with the idea of earthen architecture. He idealized that you could build walls with bags full of pumice, a light colored powdered volcanic rock. Today, we can use this technique to build shelters cheaply and quickly in disaster-ridden areas. Layering courses of earthbags together, its possible to quickly erect a cheap structure. By laying the bags out first, then filling them with earth, the construction process requires no heavy machinery of any kind. For the walls of your adobe, dampened sub soil will harden in the bags to create a hardened strength that gets stronger over time.

The secret to the structure withstanding earthquakes is to use barbed wires between layers to create better adhesion between layers of earthbags. The only time you use wood in construction is for doors and windows. To finish off the walls, using a mixture of lime and earth is fine. While earthbag building might seem like a fantastic project to build a house off the grid, it also has several functional uses.

Earthbag Houses have excellent sound proofing due to the thick and dense walls. Earthbag houses are environmentally friendly too, using mostly organic building materials, making them very compatible with a variety of nature surroundings, as well as being aesthetically pleasing to look at. Earthbag homes are earthquake resistant, and fire resistant too, along with being affordable, and easy to recycle, its a wonder more architecture of this nature doesnt already exist.

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