How to Build an Off-Grid and Underground Home for $30K

How to Build an Off-Grid and Underground Home for $30K

Thinking about building an off-grid home but not sure where to start? Well, heres a great story on how a couple in California built their off-grid, underground home for just 30K perhaps it will inspire you!

Steve Reese and his wife spent much of their earlier lives working hard to pay the bills, and after their two sons left home, they started to consider a different approach to life a much simpler one with a smaller carbon footprint, not to mention a much cheaper one! They still wanted to live comfortably, mind you, but they wanted to spend less doing so.

And so they began with one baby step at a time. First, they started thinking of moving from the city to the country, where life would be quieter and have a much slower pace. Next, they found and purchased a 10-acre plot of land with a great deal of raw potential for building and gardening. They visited it often, getting a feel for its possibilities, and camped there extensively. And then they built a small cabin there, for which they didnt require a permit, and used it for storing their camping gear. After having to haul water barrels for mixing the concrete foundation, they decided to dig a well on the property.

In time, they were able to sell their city house and buy a trailer so they could live on the land full time while they built their new home. In the intense Southern California heat, they began searching for ways to properly cool it in the summer time as well as heat it in winter. After much painstaking research, they discovered their best bet would be to build an underground house using cargo containers!

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