How to Build a Small Log Cabin Getaway

How to Build a Small Log Cabin Getaway

If you've always dreamed of owning a little log cabin in the woods, this is your lucky day. Learn how to build a small log cabin getaway today and you can enjoy it for years to come. As a matter of fact most log homes stay in the family and are enjoyed for many future generations. Log cabins by their very design are built to last to grow with the landscape and to stand structurally strong and outlive the builder himself. So when you build your cabin, you can think of the people and generations ahead that will also build memories in this home.

There is a certain nostalgic charm that is conveyed when we plan to build our own log cabin in the mountains. It's a plan that speaks of days gone by, of pioneering times, homesteading times. With all the busyness that exists I can't think of anyone who wouldn't embrace the option to build their own log cabin. Assuming you have the skills and resources that you'll need along the way, this is the perfect time to make your dream a reality.

Your getaway will be a place of calm and relaxation, while also being a place to connect with nature and explore in an organic and creative way. Reunite with yourself, identify with what draws you to the outdoors and understand that the yearning that takes you outside makes you healthier. Also, those around you benefit from the renewed strength you'll find in getting back to nature. Many people also find peace in knowing they own a rural little piece of america in case of a catastrophic event. Having somewhere to meet loved ones and begin again in a time of disaster would be key to survival. Although most of us don't want to think that way, many of us can still identify that there are world events that could propel us into disaster and that's not to mention the weather anomalies that could paint a very different picture than what we see today.

So whether you're embracing how the earliest settlers lived, or just looking to sneak away from the city after a busy week, having a log cabin getaway nestled in the mountains is a dream come true. So plan your lifestyle, practice chopping wood, research how to plant a garden and get back to basics. After all the simplest life is quite often the most rewarding.

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