How To Build A Simple Greenhouse

How To Build A Simple Greenhouse

If you are thinking of off grid living, then this great tutorial on How To Build A Simple Greenhouse will probably interest you. Living an off grid life definitely has its benefits. Many people might think that when you live off grid, you have to give up all of the modern conveniences of urban life. Sure there are some things that you would have to give up, but what you trade up for in peace and quiet makes up for it. When looking to build an off grid life style, you will want to consider how you and your family can be the most practical and self sustainable. Being sustainable means that you are able to take care of most of your essential needs on your own with no attachments to the grids. The grid essentially refers to anything that is connected to a main source of energy or water. There is the electric grid, the sewage grid, the water grid, the internet grid, and then there are the banking grids, the consumerist grids, and so on. There are many grids that operate within our society, and if you want to be off the grid, you will most likely choose to not be a part of one or many of the different types of grids out there.

What is so great about the off grid life is that you will usually be using renewable energy to power your house. Usually people will use solar power or wind power to power their homes. Using solar panels which are made up of hundreds of solar cells that convert the sun's energy into power, that then can be stored in heavy duty batteries is being used even within cities to cut costs on electrical bills. The off grid housing that is built is also build using green building design which makes the best use of the sun's energy and passive heating and cooling to minimize the amount of power or energy that is needed to heat and cool the home. So as you can see, using renewable energy and green building design can really help you live a life that is completely off the grid. But what do you do about your food? Especially if you don't want to have to be purchasing groceries at a store in town all of the time. You would then probably want to grow all of your own food yourself. Growing your own food can be very easy, you just have to have some patience and keep at it. But you could be eating all of your own food if you stick to it.

If you want to grow vegetables all year round, you can build a green house like the one you see here from Bepa's Garden. The greenhouse here, only cost a total of $150 to make, which is very reasonable for a green house. It is a very simple and small design built out of 2 by 4s in a stick frame with plastic sheathing to enclose it. The inside of the finished green house is the perfect environment to keep starter plants and seedlings that need a lot of warmth and light to grow. You can install some plant growing lights that mimic the sun's energy to get your plants ready for putting in the ground once spring time comes around. Starting plants out in a green house makes for strong, hearty plants and makes the most of your growing season. If you live in a very cold climate, there are ways that you can build a insulated and inclosed green house that will not be susceptible to frost or cold where you can grow plants all year round so you have a constant supply of fresh vegetables. Check out how to build this awesome little green house and try building one yourself some day.*

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