How to Build a Hobbit Hole House

How to Build a Hobbit Hole House

All of us have watched the J.R.R Tolkien movies or read the novels about the Hobbits. So, what do we really know about Hobbit hole house? A Hobbit hole house is an organic, half-buried hillside home with humble features and a circle entrance. The good news is that you can simply build the Hobbit hole house by following these steps below:

1.Dig an entrance passageway and few small rooms on the left of the tunnel with a backhoe. Removing the soil, however, could be a very time-consuming task because the tunnel is required to be at least 20 feet into the hillside. If you are driving the backhoe, you might need to go around the place in order to remove the soil.

2.Create a chimney or stovepipe passage on the roof by drilling with a long post or digger. This chimney should be the kitchen area inside the hole.

3.Next, create the window. Slowly create windows by cracking the soil using the backhoe. You might want to be extra careful at this so that it will not cause damage or weaken the structure of the hole. If you are unsure about the process, you can as well use glass cutter and create circular panels as windows.

4.Finally, fix the interior hole using cement or concrete to make the structure sturdier from the inside. And remember, Hobbits are very particular with cleanliness. You might want to instill a comfy and clean ambiance like the Hobbits.

As much as possible, it is best to ask for experts advice when constructing the Hobbit hole house before trying to excavate the area. Once you are done, you should not be surprised if you have got a visit from few wizards and fairies for a cup of tea!

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