How to Accurately Estimate Total Costs When Building a Log Home

How to Accurately Estimate Total Costs When Building a Log Home

Cost is a very important factor when thinking about building a log home. So this Top 10 Log Home Pricing FAQ from Log Home Links comes in handy for those looking to embark on the journey of building or purchasing a log home. The higher cost of log homes reflects the high quality of the homes. As we know, nothing good can really ever come cheaply, and for logs that take a lot of time, effort and labour to craft and assemble, it is no wonder why they must cost a pretty penny. But this can be something good as well because people who purchase log homes know that they are getting a handcrafted piece of craftsmanship that will not be able to compare to any other type of home.

Most people see log home building kits and think that they are a pretty good deal. While most of them have pretty fair prices, what people sometimes do not realize is that the prices they see on the websites are just starting prices. This is usually what it costs for the log home building kit's shell alone. The shell is only the exterior of the home, and then all of the walls and fixtures need to be added onto the log house as well, which adds more money to the equation. Most people want to know how much a "turn key" log home will cost. Turn Key means that the house is basically ready to move into, and to use straight away without having to add anything else besides maybe furniture.

These prices can then vary depending on if the log home is manufactured or if it is handcrafted. So a manufactured home would cost around $150 to $170 per square foot, while a handcrafted home will cost more like $180 to $200 square feet. Then a post and beam log home are more like $200 per square foot. So as you can see, it really depends on the quality of the log home materials and the level of work that goes into producing them. The other thing that needs to be considered is the appliances and the bathroom fixtures that will be installed in the house. This can often add quite a bit of extra money onto the initial price of the homes. Septic and electric also need to me considered too and the more remote the area, the more costly these things can be. Sometimes to get these utilities set up can cost upwards to $7500 or more.

One thing that people may not consider at all is the cost of putting in a proper driveway, especially in a remote area. This list suggests planning on spending what the highest estimate claims plus 20% more added on to compensate for additional costs that there always will be when putting in roads and driveways. It is also advised to do the driveway when the weather is dry and sunny because working in the wet and rain will cost even more. If the owner wants a basement for their log home, this is another cost that is hard to estimate until it is being done, because the contractors may run into rock and boulders. A great idea is to have the builder visit the plot of land before building begins, and that way any issues can be discussed and addressed. Hopefully, this list and the information from Log Home Links will help to give you a better understanding of where the high costs of log homes come from and how to see to it that you can build a log home the most efficiently as possible. It is always worthwhile to do research and read up on other log home builds to get the information you are looking for.

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