How Does Someone Who Lives In A Tiny House Go Camping?

How Does Someone Who Lives In A Tiny House Go Camping?

Many of us have heard of the new initiative to lessen our environmental impact and hopefully the response has been positive. Whether you've made a commitment to stop using unnecessary plastics in your day to day life or perhaps you drive an electric vehicle. Each and every change that is made to protect our environment is positive, no matter how small. However, some folks are making huge changes to tiny spaces. That's right these large scale changes mean moving to small scale homes. Even smaller than small, affectionately referred to as "Tiny Houses". Tiny Houses are gaining popularity and as they do more questions develop that revolve around overall lifestyle. After all, culturally we behave certain ways and our that is demonstrated through our lifestyle. For Tiny Houses to be successful there needs to be an organic movement that exemplifies what the lifestyle looks like within the parameters of Tiny House living.

An iconic getaway in North America tends to be camping. After a busy work week, we desire to get back to nature and step away from the city. When we live in a traditional home, be that a condo or a house we leave it all behind, grab our gear and go! Typically this consists of a tent for shelter or if glamping is more your thing perhaps a Recreational Vehicle! Whatever your shelter you know where your headed and off you go for some much needed rest and relaxation.

So how does someone who lives in a tiny house go camping. Tiny house living certainly has it's perks in this aspect because often times these lovely little homes are mobile! That's right, Tiny Houses are often built on trailer frames and although the structure isn't designed with camping as a first priority they often are mobile enough to pop away for a camping trip. Giving more thought to this it really speaks of the efficient lifestyle that is demonstrated by Tiny House living. Imagine that you are already packed for a camping trip because essentially you are just hooking up to your house & going!

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