How Awesome is this! Charge your iPhone with a Water Bottle?

How Awesome is this! Charge your iPhone with a Water Bottle?

Seriously, how awesome is this? Did you know you can now charge your iPhone with just a water bottle? Well its true, and its going to help a lot of people living off-grid in developing countries.

Thanks to a brilliant team of designers based in Nairobi, Kenya, its now possible to charge a cell phone with a cup of boiling water and a water bottle! Not only are you recycling the water bottle, youre using clean energy to do it! The device is called The Bottle Charger, and it can recharge a cell phone in a half hour or less, using just a water bottle and a cup of boiling water.

How does it work? Just connect the Bottle Charger to the water bottle and add boiling water. The mini Blackbeard Unidirectional Constant Turbine, also known as BUCT, easily converts the rise and fall of temperature into electricity. Not only is this extremely useful, its also fun to watch, creating a miniature version of a science laboratory right in your living room.

Though it will be of great assistance to many, the Bottle Charger was mainly invented to help people living in developing countries, especially those who are not connected to any electrical system. In Africa, millions of cell phone users have to travel several miles on foot every day just to charge up their phones, paying a fee to do so. You can see how liberating something as simple as the Bottle Charger can be for these people and their families, once it is available.

And if all goes well, it will be available soon! Although its still just in its trial stage, it should be heading for mass manufacturing and distribution very soon.

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