How An Architectural Firm Has California Shaking In Its Boots

How An Architectural Firm Has California Shaking In Its Boots

The link leading to the beautiful website of architecture firm Shubin + Donaldson is sure to leave you in awe and totally inspired. The photos of this architecture firm's modern, innovative current and past building and design projects are astounding. Shubin + Donaldson started up in 1990 by architects Russell Shubin and Robin Donaldson, who have been partners for over 20 years, and has been blossoming steadily ever since. With offices in Los Angeles, Santa Barbara, and Newport Beach they cater to the ever growing population and economy of Southern California and beyond.

They have received 30 awards for their exceptional practices and excellent service. On their gorgeously designed website, you can peruse photos of multiple projects and read about their development and process. There is even a great short video featuring the Shubin + Donaldson! It really gives an insiders look on the work they are so proud to share, and rightfully so. You can even purchase their book; Live + Work: Modern Homes and Offices: The Southern California Architecture of Shubin + Donaldson, on Amazon, through their website. Shubin + Donaldson works on a wide variety of projects including residential and commercial developments, educational institutions, recording, radio and film studios and urban and workplace design.

The team is clearly passionate about working with the client, keeping the lines of communication open about ideas and vision throughout the process. Its refreshing to see the creative freedom and liberty they place high on their values system for their team and clients, to make visions become a reality. They also seem to work very consciously with high environmental standards, being mindful of the natural habitat in which the building will be developed. Demonstrated in projects such as as the Wolf Creek Ranch, featured in the picture accompanying this link, which is situated just outside the Wasatch National Forest, beetles infest the surrounding trees, killing them, but the dead trees were utilized in the construction of the house.

It goes to show that integrity within a company goes a long way when its built into the overall practice and values. The website shows a company that cares deeply about its clientele and works with them to foster future growth within the buildings they dream up together. For the families that live and grow in them, the businesses that thrive in them, employees that love to work in them and communities that love to enjoy them. The firm shows that they really do think of everything and put their best foot forward in every project they do.

Be sure to head over to the 'Shubin And Donaldson' website below. You will be glad you did!

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