How A 14 Year Old Super-Genius Designed A Tiny Home For $10k

How A 14 Year Old Super-Genius Designed A Tiny Home For $10k

Each tiny house is a reflection of the owners personality and preferences, the builders expertise and craftsmanship, and of course each tiny house has a unique story of its own, of just how it came to be. This is a great story and read, "Despite Challenges, She Built Her Tiny House for $10k. The Best Part? She's Just 14 Years Old,"

In 2012, Sicily Kolbeck, who was 12 years old when she had the idea to build a tiny house. Her 128 square foot house on a trailer, has a little kitchen, a loft for sleeping, a reading nook, and a bathroom with tub, shower and toilet. Sicily with help from her parents and several generous donations from the trailer the house sits on to the Ecofoil reflective insulation, managed to cover the costs and get all the materials for $10,000. This inspirational story has its ups and downs and shows how the perseverance of a young girl accomplished what she initially set out to do, its a story worth reading.

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