Homestead Honey’s Off-Grid House

Homestead Honey’s Off-Grid House

At first glance, this tiny home might not seem like much, but this Homestead Honey’s Off-Grid House, has more to offer than meets the eye. Terri Page, the author and curator of the Homestead Honey's Website, is the owner of this awesome home and homestead, and lives here full time with her husband and their kids, as well as their many animals on their off grid homestead. The family of four lives happily in the 350 square foot home that Terri and her husband built themselves, with some help from their friends. They family had a homestead for 13 years, but decided to move from Oregon to Missouri, where they moved next door to good friends of theirs. They obtained 10 acres of raw land, and are building their home, and and organic gardens and food forests all on their own. It's not an easy task, but one that they wanted to do, as it was always their dream to grow their own food and live close to nature, while being able to spend time as a family.

Their home is completely off - grid and solar powered so it is super sustainable and they can rely on themselves for pretty much everything. Their house was also built out of recycled and reclaimed materials from a 100 year old barn and then plained by the Amish community. They even reused some old insulation as well. You can take video tours of the house that they built and now live in, it took them two years to build, and is still a work in progress, but all good things do take some time. They will also expand their house as their kids grow older as well. This is their house that they will live in for life, so they are investing the time and energy to do it right and the way that they want it.

The tiny home homestead has also been featured in an edition of Cabin Living, which is pretty cool! Most people don't start out these projects in hopes of getting published, but it is naturally something that happens when people are curious about how you are living. People want to know, and see what it's like to own your own homestead, and live in a tiny home. People want to understand how others do that, and maybe they are interested because they want to live that way themselves. It is very inspiring for people to see others living a holistic lifestyle, that is so calm and nurturing, and so people want a taste of it, even if it means just reading about it in an article.

Living in small homes is nothing new, but the concept is becoming a major revolution in the way people are thinking about the housing industry in Canada and the United States. People are wanting to create a more sustainable lifestyle for themselves that includes more time with their family and more time to enjoy life. When you are working for someone else your whole life, you are working essentially for their dreams and ambitions. But when you design your life to live in a way where you are self sustainable, you are working to make your life as sustainable as possible, you are working to build your own dreams, your own life. It is something more and more people are becoming interested in doing these days. Its almost like we are rewinding now, we want to live more like how our grandparents lived, growing our own food so we know where it comes from. This is a really inspirational homestead to check out and get some inspiration for your own life! Check it out, and check out their website too!

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