High Quality Creative Log Cabins and Reasonable Prices

High Quality Creative Log Cabins and Reasonable Prices

Pre-built tiny houses are becoming increasingly popular with today’s home buyers. Even people looking to purchase cabins are turning to tiny house builders. The United States is home to a number of reputable, professional tiny house builders, but it can be difficult to find high-quality, pre-built tiny houses if you live outside the US border, and especially so if you live in the United Kingdom, where the tiny house movement is just beginning to catch on. But fear not, Great Britains! Creative Living Cabins, a company based in Surrey, England, is making Tiny Log Cabins Available in England.

While log cabins are dwellings constructed of logs and typically thought to be less finished or less architecturally sophisticated structures, Creative Living Cabins demonstrates just how wrong that notion really is through their cabins with the “wow” factor. Creative Living designs and builds the highest quality log cabins available in the U.K. They have a large range of log cabins to suit all customer requirements and budgets and actually specialize in building bespoke, made-to-measure cabins that are draftsman drawn and hand-crafted to meet exact specifications. Their log cabins are constructed from locally harvested and sustainable forests utilizing Siberian spruce with an interlocking plank system. This method is superior to the conventional panel options offered by most other manufacturers. Also utilized is a double tongue and grooved wind system which acts as a natural barrier to the elements.

The Tiny House movement is gradually catching on in the U.K., with more and more people looking to either create a bit more living space or temporary accommodation or just downsize their dwellings. While homes in the UK tend to be smaller than in the US, there is a growing need for affordable housing that is suitable in size for the needs of both individuals and couples. Tiny Homes are especially being marketed towards university students (and their parents). It is estimated that 90% of university students start their working lives between £30,000-£50,000 in debt, and what is more shocking is that 70-80% of that debt is spent on student accommodation. While a two-room tiny home on the London property Market could be sold, in Islington for example, for upwards of £275,000, cabins by Creative Living can be purchased and installed for well under £10,000 (less than half the cost of typical university accommodation).

For some, the small (or tiny) house movement has become a way of live. Adjusting to a smaller space and fewer possessions with the goal of saving money and having the freedom and ability to focus on relationships and experiences. When life seems too complicated, some people advocate moving into a smaller home to have a ‘bigger life’ as a solution. Really, the movement is one that advocates living simply in small homes. How small? That all depends, but typically tiny homes are less than 400 square feet in size. While the biggest push for this movement comes from inside the United States, a number of architects and builders outside of the United States have caught on to the movement. In Britain, for example, Abito created intelligent living space apartments of 353 square feet in Manchester. And then, there is Creative Living Cabins.

So if you live in the U.K., or plan to buy a home or cabin in the U.K., you might want to consider tiny home living at its finest with one of Creative Living’s Tiny Log Cabins. They have three showrooms (or “display villages”) set up in Woking, Long Ditton, and Bagshot, Surrey and they’re worth checking out!

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