High Efficiency Rocket Stove That Burns Very Little Wood

High Efficiency Rocket Stove That Burns Very Little Wood

Rocket stoves are a relatively new invention that has been garnering some well deserved attention. Known to be highly efficient and simple to construct, this model has been adapted for use in both developing nations and in permaculture communities and homesteads around the world. Rocket stoves are commonly used for cooking in refuge camps due to their portability and ability to function even with a small amount of fuel. Some designs are also specifically suited to use as a camping stove or for emergency preparedness. A simple design involves a high temperature combustion chamber that utilizes small diameter wood pieces as fuel. You can even used dried weeds as fuel for a rocket stove, making these a reliable cooking appliance for poor people with limited access to cooking fuel.

Factory built rocket stoves are available in the United States and are made in both single and double burner options. One can be purchased online for as little as one hundred dollars. However, rocket stoves are relatively simple to make as a useful do it yourself project. They can be made using empty cans and a few tools, so why not save that hundred bucks and take on a satisfying project?

Rocket stoves have also been adapted into heaters that can be used to efficiently heat small spaces with limited fuel consumption. These are called rocket mass heaters and they are basically extremely efficient wood stoves that can run on small pieces of wood. One of the greatest benefits of both the rocket stoves and heaters, especially in developing countries, is the fact that there is a significant decrease in indoor air pollution for families who switch from traditional biomass cooking methods to use of a rocket stove. Air pollution is a common cause of disease and premature death, so this alone is an excellent reason to advocate for wider use of rocket stove technology.

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