Here's How It Turned Out When a Man Built a Tiny House on 35 Acres in Colorado

Here's How It Turned Out When a Man Built a Tiny House on 35 Acres in Colorado

Talk about an inspiring journey to build a home! This Alaska Man Builds Tiny House On 35 Acres In Colorado! Allen and his wife, bought 35 acres of land in Colorado, and decided to build a tiny house on it after being inspired by Lloyd Khan's book on tiny homes. The book inspired him so much that he built this awesome little 8 by 12 foot home, on their land which doesn't have any building codes, lucky for them! He does mention that one of the only stipulations is that you have to have septic in every dwelling, but usually people will want this anyway, so it's really no big deal. You can sense the level of determination, since the couple lives in Alaska, and has made 2 trips totalling 15 days to build their house. He says that distance doesn't matter if you want something badly enough.

This is the truth, and if you want to live freely and have your own land, there are definitely ways of going about it that won't break the bank and won't be super difficult either. That is why it's so great that there are stories like this that can inspire all of us to begin to live our dreams life in our dream homes. Also, it is so great that the internet is here to help out too. The internet is a great resource tool to use whenever you do a project, but it is especially great to use when you have a project like this that you really could use other people's experiences and expertise. There are so many forums that you can go on to find tiny house plans, and tons of other resources that will help so much along the way. Thank goodness for the internet!

The house doesn't look like much, but it is quite quaint. It would be perfect for two people to settle down in, and then perhaps build a larger house as time goes on. But it would also be great for people who don't want a lot of space, and want to live close to nature. I love how bright he has painted their home as well, it's like a burst of colour in the midst of the field. Their house has a nice little loft area with a little window in it, probably fro sleeping in, and there are a few other windows throughout the house to make it nice and bright and filled with light. There is even a little porch that he calls the troll bridge, that goes across the gully.

What a great inspiration to show how simple it can be to get started on your own land. It is wonderful that people are posting their inspiring homes that they have built, to show us all how possible it can be to build the home and live a life of freedom, living closer to nature. Many more people are deciding to live their life by their own standards, and not by the false ones that society has tried to enforce upon people. There are many ways to live and each person has their own idea of what that might be, and that is what makes this world so special!

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