Here's a Photo Gallery That Explains Why People Are Going Crazy over Log Homes

Here's a Photo Gallery That Explains Why People Are Going Crazy over Log Homes

Beautiful and unique log homes are plentiful over at Log Cabin Homes website. Log homes can be so wonderful to admire and enjoy browsing through. Log homes have so many amazing qualities that make them hard not to love, which is probably why so many people own them and so many people dream to one one. Log homes are a legacy of America, and have been built here since the early 1600s when Swedish and Scandinavian immigrants brought over their amazing log building techniques from Europe. They showed other European settlers how to build log homes of their own, and passed down their knowledge and skill of building log homes. Even though the styles and the sizes of log homes have changed considerably, the tradition and the craftsmanship of log home building lives on.

The gorgeous log home in the photo is one of the many lovely custom built log homes from Log Cabin Homes. Log Cabin Homes started up in 1987 with a dream to assist people in building the log home of their dreams. Almost thirty years later, and hundreds of customers later, they are still working their magic and building some of the most beautiful log homes you will ever see. Handcrafted log homes will be much more expensive than manufactured log homes, because they have more manual labour put into them. Handcrafted log homes are all very unique in their style and they mostly use the logs in their unrefined natural state, whereas the manufactured log homes use logs that have been cut and made uniform by machines. The Handcrafted homes take a lot more time to produce, thus the labour costs are more. Either way, log homes are awesome, and Log Cabin Homes offers both options, handcrafted, custom homes as well as the manufactured home building packages.

This log home you see here, is the perfect example of a uniquely built log home. A tall, and handsome looking log house with a great feature wall panel filled with windows. The windows they have incorporated into this log home build go from floor to ceiling and are beautifully finished with strips of wood in between. At the peak of the home you see that the windows also change shape from the rectangular shape to a triangular shape which looks so modern and stylish. These windows would be sure to let in a lot of light into the home as well as serve as a focal point of the home. The window wall is encased with rock on the outside, which adds another natural element of beauty. Rocks are also another awesome building material that we can find in nature that has served us greatly over the course of our history.

On this log home there is also a wonderful wrap around deck that is a key feature of this log home. Having a deck on a home is such a necessity for enjoying those long summer nights and early sunny mornings, they act as an extension of the home allowing the owners to take in the beauty of the outdoors without having to go very far. On the Log Cabin Homes you can also view other log homes in their slide show. They have really built some beautiful and unique homes throughout the years. They are not all super large either, they have some smaller ones in there as well. And the whole album of the Murray Arnott Design Signature Collection log homes are just out of this world. They are some of the most unique log homes I have personally ever seen, with rounded edges and round rooms on the home. You must check them out!

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