HearthSide Cabin

HearthSide Cabin

Guys, summer time is on its way to give you the best break from school and work. So, where are you and your friends doing this summer? Oh the usual. The usual what? Video Games and internet at home with pizza. And just me: alone. *silence* Alright, maybe you want to get a little bit more friendly? Wouldn't it be nice to spend summer with friends? Hang out with them? Together, you can make this summer the best summer ever! And to do that, you'll need to get out of that cave and go somewhere! You know a place? Dude, I always have THE place, and I recommend to you this Hearthside Cabin. *winks*

Hearthside Cabin, also called as the Clear Cabin, is located in Pigeon Forge in Tennessee. The cabin offers a stunning view of the mountains from the porch and deck. This two-storey cabin consists of four bedrooms, a spacious living room and dining area, an electric fireplace, a fully-equipped kitchen, and bathrooms. The incredible living room, electric fireplace, kitchen, and dining area are all situated in the main level of the cabin. In the living room, theres a big screen television, cable TV service, and a DVD player. The summer getaway is incomplete without this fully-loaded kitchen. Of course, instead of ordering pizza, why dont you and your friends try something new? Like cooking together. *big smile* Also, the dining area makes a statement. The area is big enough to enjoy your meals. *winks* Two king-size bedrooms are also located in the main level. Each bedroom has log furniture, a private bathroom, and an electric fireplace to keep your summer nights warm. *winks* During the day, there is a fun picnic table on the wooden deck outside where you and your buddies can spend more time together. If picnicking isn't your thing, there is a large game room upstairs with a fun pool table and air hockey game. This is the place! See? I told you! *winks* Not only that, theres a queen sleeper-sofa, 48" PLASMA TV, and a private bath. Yes, you can make this game room your home! *winks* There are also two bedrooms and a half-bath. You want to soak yourself in a tub? No worries, this cabin has it all! A bubbling hot tub will give you the lightness of heart and mind and an awesome view of the mountains. *winks*

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