Headwaters Camp Cabin

Headwaters Camp Cabin

If you have ever wanted to know what an award-winning cabin looks like, look no further. Headwaters Camp Cabin was awarded the 2015 Residence of the Year award. And its not hard to see why. This Montana lakeside log cabin comes complete with elk horn stairs, a wooden pool table and the most stunning views, but thats not all.

Architect Daniel Turvey of Dan Joseph Architects created the 1,800 square foot, 5 bedroom, 2 bath stunning masterful log cabin known as Headwaters Camp. Dan Joseph Architects are Carefully blending a world defined by orderly needs of program and random artistry of nature in the extreme. Turvey claims Its in My Nature. He remains faithful to nature and to a greater truth, which is organic architectures yardstick. Organic architecture should begin and evolve naturally, allowing buildings to emerge from the ground almost with a sense of belonging. These are the guiding principles of Turveys long career. He began as a bid-build contractor and quickly realized that knowing how to build was a matter of both science and technology that oftentimes called into question ethics and aesthetic responsibility. Turvey truly enjoys the practice of architecture and enjoys designing and creating unique solutions. For the last 14 years Turvey has been the Principal Architect and Owner of Dan Joseph Architects and has successfully completed over 100 projects, including Headwaters Camp Cabin, which is perhaps his most stunning of all.

Headwaters Camp is located in Yellowstone Club Big Sky, Montana. Designing a structure in the Rocky Mountain range with a close proximity to Yellowstone National Park was not without its challenges. Daniel Turvey had to consider a multitude of issues, including an active seismic zone, annual snowfall amounts of at least 8 feet and an underlying geology that had to be considered well in advance of his undertaking of the Headwaters Camp project. Within the various constraints, Turvey looked to the National Park and collective early century architectural heritage for his inspiration. The idea, according to Turvey, was to both celebrate and showcase an enduring, regional vernacular that conveys strength, permanence and a sense of confidence even among an overwhelming panorama of majestic mountains. He managed to accomplish exactly that.

Headwaters Camp Cabin has been described as a classic log cabin that looks like it came out of a nostalgic family film and could easily be crowned the best in the world as it ticks all the boxes with its quaint characteristics and idyllic surroundings, all while being cloaked in some kind of glowing, magical mist. Some of the features of this cabin include a stair bannister created from elk horns, furniture crafted from locally-sourced wood and large beams made from entire timber logs. Inside, the walls seem to disappear seamlessly into a structure that looks to have been built 100 years earlier, with reclaimed finishes and dove-tailed timber planks with dry stacked stones.

Based upon the utilization of historic architecture, a respect for cultural heritage, outstanding natural beauty and the incorporation of sustainable design principals, not only has Headwaters Camp Cabin received the Most Responsible Residence of the Year award, it has also been awarded with Respect for Cultural Heritage, Utilization of Historic Architecture, Natural Beauty and the incorporation of Sustainable Design Principals. It sounds as if Headwaters Camp Cabin couldnt be any more perfect, and at only $270 a night for the opportunity to spend a relaxing evening in an award-winning rustic log cabin, its a bargain.

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