Having a Hard Time Finding the Perfect Cabin Plan? Why Not Design Your Own?

Having a Hard Time Finding the Perfect Cabin Plan? Why Not Design Your Own?

The Log Home 139 is a beautiful log home floor plan with enough space to live comfortably. The 1,829 square foot log home floor plan, has three bedrooms and two and a half bathrooms. The upstairs has three gable dormers which add space to the upper floor, and outside there is a wrap around covered porch. The porch is a great place to put some seating or rockers where you can enjoy your morning tea, and a place to relax throughout the day. This log home design is built by Southland Log Homes. Southland Log Homes have been building log homes in the mountain of the Carolinas since 1978. They have worked hard to become the largest log home company in North America. They are known for their award-winning design services and using the highest quality building materials; they also provide their customer help in finding land, working with their log home builders and lenders, and all of the other things involved in the creation of a log home. On their site, you will find a wide variety of log home plans available, in a range of sizes, plans and designs. You will also find timber frame homes and arts and craft designs available on their site.

When it comes to building a log home or log cabin, there are different features, designs and details that can be added to the home to make it unique. One popular form of log homes is the Arts and Crafts style of building. In this particular type of design, you will find the bare beauty of the logs themselves with their long lines and firm curves. The Arts and Crafts movement were an international movement known in the decorative and fine arts that were popular in Europe and North America between 1880 and 1910, then later emerged in Japan in the 1920s. This movement stood for traditional craftsmanship that used simple forms and often used romantic, medieval, or folk styles of decoration. Then you will find the traditional timber framed type of log home that typically uses heavy squared off and perfectly fitted and joined timbers with joints that are joined by using large wooden pegs. Timber frame post and beam buildings were popular in wooden buildings that were made from the 19th century and earlier. This type of construction came from building log homes out of logs and tree trunks without using high-tech saws. The timber frame method of the building found artisans and farmers using adzes, axes and draw knives.

Did you know that it's a healthy idea to take vacations? A log cabin or log home can be a great place to use as a vacation home, a place to get away, take a vacation and relax with family and friends. Spending time in a place close to forests, and away from your routine is a good opportunity to enjoy yourself, both physically and mentally. People who take vacations away tend to be happier overall. Getting away to the log home or log cabin where you can go to the lake, or long walks through the woods, is a good place to bond and create memories. You are more likely to be active when you are surrounded by fresh air and nature. While at the log cabin you might take the opportunity to ride your bicycle on a trail, go for a hike, go swimming or boating. There is also something about a log cabin that just makes you feel more relaxed. All that wood used inside the log cabin is healthy to breathe in, combined with the fresh air tends to make people feel good.

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