Have a Look at This Volcano Village Cabin before an Eruption Destroys It

Have a Look at This Volcano Village Cabin before an Eruption Destroys It

This "This 144 Sq. Ft. Colorful Studio Cabin in Hawaii" was just completed in July 2015. The tiny cabin was designed to be both an art studio and a guest room, that is attached to the existing home. The bright colors were used in hopes of stimulating the owners creative juices.

The main house that is attached to this creative tiny house artist studio is about 2500 square feet, and the tiny house artist studio is just 144 square feet inside with an 8 foot by 12 foot covered deck. The deck of this cute tiny house study overlooks the natural rain forest at Volcano on the Big Island of Hawaii. The owner of this tiny house lives in Honolulu on the main island of Oahu. This colorful tiny house artist studio is a great alternative to a crowded hotel and the busy city of Honolulu. Volcano Village is nested in a rain forest that is perched on the slope, close to the top of active Kilauea Volcano. A devastating eruption is predicted to happen every 500 years. The tiny house artist studio uses the bright primary colors of red, blue and yellow, it really is visually appealing.

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