Harbor Springs Ski Lodge Log Cabin is JUST BEAUTIFUL Inside

Harbor Springs Ski Lodge Log Cabin is JUST BEAUTIFUL Inside

Log cabins, log homes and log lodges have always been a favorite style of home, for people all over the world, with different styles and designs to choose from, it's a popular option for people building homes. This "Harbor Springs Ski Lodge," is absolutely beautiful, and I can easily imagine myself and my family spending a lovely winter or summer vacation here. This 4400 square foot hybrid log home, with 2 x 6 studded walls, a combinations of handcrafted fully scribed log siding, board and batten cedar shakes, cultured stone and stucco. The interior is a combination of log, joists, posts and log railing and stairways, with log and interior walls with drywall and textured finish. The beautiful home is rustic, yet has a contemporary feel.

This excellent company has all your log home needs with: design and plan services (sample log home plans), full scribed home photos (16" average diameter red pine logs, lodges, 4,000 square foot homes, 18" diameter white pine logs, 2,500 square foot homes), log hybrid home photos (lodges, wooden beams and post), lodges with stone and wood, products and services, talk about full scribed and chink style construction, preassembled where scribing and notching is done. A pre scribe home requires the most skill and is labor intensive, scribed and hand cut each log to match contours of the log below. Chink style, notching is only done on corner intersections of each log, and horizontal joints are sealed with a synthetic "chinking" material to create weatherproof structure. Log hybrid home use conventional construction along with both structural and non structural log elements (structural and decorative log trusses, log roof structures, log beams and floor joists, "hand crafted" log siding, log porches, log stairs and railings, log mantles, custom milled beams to 45 plus feet.

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