Handcrafted by Master Log-Smiths, These Homes Are the Epitome of Rustic Chic

Handcrafted by Master Log-Smiths, These Homes Are the Epitome of Rustic Chic

Where can you even start, when it comes to describing the stunning beauty of Pioneer Log Cabin 15? It is the type of log cabin build that leaves you speechless, and a bit spellbound. You will feel that way when you take a look at the company's website, there are so many amazing log home builds on this site, that it is difficult to walk away with just one favorite, as each one is even more appealing than the last. This stunning log home is beautiful inside and out, with one and a half story's of log home grandeur. This log cabin has lots of windows to let in natural light during the day, and to showcase the stunning handcrafted detail that can be found throughout this log cabin build. The wrap around outdoor patio offers views of the scenic country location, and outdoor lighting adds to the appeal of this great log home. There is even a handcrafted log eagle that sits just below the rafters outside; there is not a detail inside or outside of this log cabin that is missed. The use of large logs throughout the log home just adds to the look of this stunning log home.

The people at Pioneer Log Homes of British Columbia have a solid and long reputation of constructing log cabins and log homes. The folks at Pioneer are passionate about handcrafting all their log homes, log lodges and log homes, so that you get the best type of log home that they can offer. When you purchase a log home from Pioneer Log Homes, you walk away knowing that you will get a log home that is durable, beautifully constructed, and with every detail precisely designed. The builders and designers of this log home company take pride and care in knowing that their product is the best that they can make. The company also stands by the fact that they offer log homes built from forests that will be sustained to be enjoyed for generations and years to come.On this log home builders site you will find custom log home and log cabin designs that start at sizes under 1,500 square feet, and that can go up to over 4,500 square feet. Pioneer also constructs log garages and log barns. You will want to take a look for yourself at their extensive gallery of luxury log homes and log cabins. In their log home gallery, you will see some of the most incredible log home designs you have ever seen.

This Log Home company started in 1973 in British Columbia, by Bryan Reid Senior. The log home business is located in Williams Lake, British Columbia. This location is in proximity to quality Douglas Fir, Spruce, and Western Red Cedar. When the Pioneer Log Home business grew, so did the support of the family support. You will find Bryan's brother Andre Chevigny (a master craftsman), and his other brother David Chevigny working for the company, along with Bryan's son, Bryan Reid Jr., who also became a part of the log home family business. Bryan Jr. trained underneath his uncle Andre and his father Bryan Sr. to become a master craftsman, that's keeping it in the family.

Pioneer log homes also build the log post and beam style of log homes. Post and beam log cabins and log homes offer flat walls that have the same look and feel as typical log homes have. The log homes at Pioneer Log Homes are built by their qualified log home team and are proven to be long lasting and durable. These beautiful log homes can be shipped most anywhere in the world.

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