Gypsy Wagon Building

Gypsy Wagon Building

There are a variety of tiny homes and small houses, being built all over the world, some of the unique designs you will find include strawbale houses, domes, yurts, hand built cob cottages, prefab tiny houses, modular homes, RV's, micro homes, beach cottages, tiny log cabins, and so much more. This "Gypsy Wagon Building," on the site, is an inspiring build, and include step by step instructions so you can build one of your own.

This tiny gypsy wagon was a collaboration of Paleotool (who is author of Building a Gypsy Wagon), PaleoPun and AmericanPikey. The vardo design seemed like a good idea for a retirement home, because it is cheaper than a traditional house build, no land ownership is required (you will want to check the local regulations where you live for details), and it is more fun than an RV. The vardo is appealing as a retirement home as the utility costs are next to nothing (depending on how you live), the gypsy home is towable on the highway. This tiny gypsy wagon is a combination of old in its design and new for a modern way of living.

This particular gypsy wagon is about 10 feet long and 7 feet wide, the floor inside is about 5 feet across with a one foot ledge that extends over the wheels. You can download the PDF plans for this gypsy wagon if you are considering a build of your own. To start the builders used a basic design sketch from Paleotool's vardo. The wagon was made as long and as wide as was possibly safe on a 10 foot trailer. The wood for the gypsy wagon was purchased and stacked, allowing it to dry for several weeks. to follow the step by step instructions with photo details, you'll want to look at this great site.

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