Guess How Much this Charming Tiny House Costs..

Guess How Much this Charming Tiny House Costs..

If you are looking for a charming tiny house for sale, then you have landed on the right page! This house is perfect for any bachelor or anyone who is not afraid to live in a non-conventional home. We understand that most people are accustomed to living in a white-picket-fence kind of house with lots of rooms and other spaces that arent even really used on a daily basis. But don't underestimate the size of it, because it could still provide you comfort. We found this from a site that features a lot of houses that are for sale. So if youre looking for something to invest your money on, then you should have a look at what is offered at this site.

This tiny house is located at 34012 Texas St. Albany, Oregon in the US. The cost is$24,700 and it is 212 sq. ft. It has one bedroom and one bathroom. It has a modern day interior design that it looks a little bit luxurious for its price. Its floors, windows, doors and ceilings were made meticulously from wooden materials and you can expect high quality craftsmanship from its overall construction. This tiny home is ideal for students or if you want to own a backyard studio. It could also be used as a rental space if you feel like putting up something on Air Bnb. It is also perfect if you want to have a separate space for your home office.

It may be tiny, but it is fully functional. It has a 7x6 sleeping area and it is also movable. That said, you can place it in your driveway and pretty much anywhere you want.

There are still so many features that this tiny house can offer and if you want to read more of that, check out the website Tiny House Listings below.

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