Green-Roofed Cannon Beach Home in Oregon Generates More Energy Than it Uses

Green-Roofed Cannon Beach Home in Oregon Generates More Energy Than it Uses

There are a lot of trends nowadays as to how energy is to be conserved such as making use of less electrical energy. This traditional way of saving has been embraced and accepted by mankind since the discovery of electric energy. But, because of the ever evolving scientific circle, the world now has a new take in conserving energy while acquiring it independently through other alternative energy resources through eco-friendly substitutes such as the use of solar designs. An example of this is the Green-Roofed Cannon Beach Home in Oregon that generates more energy than it uses.

The Green-Roofed Cannon Beach Home in Oregon was crafted by one of the leading architectural firms in the state, Nathan Good Architects. It was designed and realized through the naturalistic view of the owner of the said eco-friendly house. With roofs adorned not by extra sheets of metal, nor another coat of paint, but by using solar designs that maximize the energy coming from external causes such as the energy coming from the Sun. The solar designs help mostly in the energy consumption and at the same time, the acquisition of it. Solar designs can gather as much energy from the sun, generating it into a power source for the entire house. The owners natural love for nature shows in the design manifested by the eco-friendly house.

Insulating concrete forms serves as main foundation to form the energy-saving design of the house. Aside from the solar designed exterior, sedum, wild strawberry and pennisetum are planted in order to provide additional insulation, fire resistance and rainwater absorption for the house. FSC that is certified wood timbers, fly-ash and other materials are used to create this eco-friendly home. Nathan Good Architects garnered awards because of this extraordinary house.

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