Great Little Log Cabin on 2.2 Acres for only 169k, Awesome!

Great Little Log Cabin on 2.2 Acres for only 169k, Awesome!

Its fun to look at homes, even if you are not seriously wanting to purchase. This one might inspire you to buy, this Great Little Log Cabin on 2.2 Acres for only 169k, is awesome! You can barely find a condo or apartment in the city for that price! In this property there would not only be the two bedroom, two bathroom 936 square food beautiful home to live in, there is also 2.2 acres to do with whatever you please. Out in the North Carolina wilderness, this house is situated on a whole 2.2 acres that you could plant a huge garden to feed your family, have a green house to grow food in year round, maybe even sell some of the produce you are growing to markets or restaurants!

You would have a great log cabin style home to live in, and it was only built in 2001, so it is still practically new as far as log cabins go, they can remain for decades and decades if they are taken care of properly. All of this for only $169, 000! The address is perfect for a home too, Happi Nest Lane! The perfect place to make your nest. The home features 2 levels, with a great sized kitchen and lots of light coming in the windows, a nice porch to sit and enjoy the outdoors on and it is so close to a lake as well. There would be so much to do all year round living at this cabin in the woods. Grey Beard Realty operates out of Black Mountain, North Carolina and have other listings to look through too. So even if you aren't in the market for buying a home, this one is a great one to look at to get inspired about living in the country!

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