Granny Flat Modern Small Home Garden Pavilion

Granny Flat Modern Small Home Garden Pavilion

When it comes to tiny house design, there is just so much to love. This Granny Flat Modern Small Home Garden Pavilion is a great example of what you can do when you build small. Tiny houses are creating a revolution in housing and people everywhere are enchanted by how awesome these little mini houses are. Tiny houses are a great option for anyone who wants to own a house of their own, but can't afford to buy a house in today's economic state. The size and the prices of houses across America continually seems to grow. A normal house for a family would have been somewhere around the 1000 square foot mark, but these days house size has doubled while family size has dropped significantly. So now there are more large houses than ever but no one can afford them. That is what the tiny house movement comes in to fix. If you build your own tiny house, you can get the perfect tiny house design for you and your partner to live in for as little as $20,000. People who purchase their tiny house already built pay around $50,000 or so for theirs because of all the labor involved. Other couples have built their tiny houses for as little as $10,000 using recycled materials and by building it themselves.

This lovely garden pavilion that a family built in their back yard. This tiny house design is so contemporary and modern with lots of wood and steel. The windows really open up the space which is only 20 by 12 feet. The windows used in a tiny house design can make the house look much larger than it is. This home makes use of many windows to create a whole corner wall of windows which adds to that beautiful modern look. Inside, the decor is kept very minimal, using muted tones and neutral colours. The white walls also help to create the feeling of spaciousness and the concrete floor is a really nice touch. The bathroom is a generous size for a tiny house, and is adorned with beautiful glass tiles and a huge shower with glass doors. This luxurious bathroom might be larger than most apartment sized bathrooms. A loft area is accessed by a sliding ladder and there is plenty of head room up there as well. Since this tiny house isn't on wheels, it can be as tall as it wants to be. Whereas, a tiny house on wheels must be under 13 feet tall because of highway limitations for towing. Most lofts in mini houses on wheels are not tall enough to stand up in making them a little tricky to manoeuvre in. But if you have the space in your back yard to build a stationary tiny house, then you can have a little bit more freedom with the restrictions.

This size of house would be the perfect beginner house for a couple who has just purchased land and wants to build a new structure on it. Building small allows you to use the best materials and choose all of the finest finishings. Once the house is lived in for a while and some more money is accumulated, a larger house can be built as the years go on. People also build these tiny houses to use as guest suites or to rent out long term for an income property. If you want to build your own tiny house, Tiny House Talk is a wonderful website to gain inspiration from. The tiny house movement is almost contagious with people building tiny houses all over the world. Building smaller is a great way to have less of an impact on the environment and it also helps to solve some of the housing issues we face presently.*

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