Gorgeous 1500 Square Foot Log Home (the Richmond) for $140,000!

Gorgeous 1500 Square Foot Log Home (the Richmond) for $140,000!

Looking for a spacious yet cozy log home in the country side? Looking no further than this gorgeous 1500 square feet log home (the Richmond) for $140,000. Dont let the seemingly small footage of heated area fool you. This elegant log home supports a large porch that runs along the entrance side of the house, an impressively spacious garage (23-8 x 23-4) as well as a massive deck that spans the entire length of the home from the beginning of the porch to the end of the garage. And did I mention its large windows outfitted at every side of the house? These windows will make the home feel so much more spacious because you will feel that it is connected the outdoors.

Entering the log home through the main entrance located on the right hand side, you will be greeted with a large open space with a large fire place at the corner and stairs that lead up to the upper floor. The space which spans from the entrance to the rear serves as the great room and kitchen and dining area. There is a laundry room at the end of the kitchen which connects to the large double garage. Immediately to the right of the main doors is the master bedroom, with its large walk-in closet and private bathroom. There is also a 1/2 bathroom conveniently located in front of the entrance that is open to all.

Walking up the stairs you can see the view below. Aside from the little room at the top of the stairs which overlooks the great room and dining room, the rest of the floor is made up of a single bedroom. This bedroom is very spacious (27-4 x 11-9) and comes with its own private bathroom. In fact this bedroom is even larger than the master bedroom! And it features in addition to normal sized windows an extension towards the entrance side of the house. It truly is an amazing room, and I would even recommend that you use this as a master bedroom, or maybe divide the room into two smaller bedrooms for the kids or guests. If you are thinking about diving it for kids, then building a full wall that completely divides the room is unnecessary. You can simply build half a wall or even put up some curtains. Or you can place their beds at opposite sides and desks facing away from each other. If however you are expecting adults to sleep in this room, then a full dividing wall might be the best idea. Just make sure that the bathroom can be accessible to both parties.

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