Gone With the Whimsy

Gone With the Whimsy

One look at this original, rustic and beautiful structure leaves the viewer wanting more, another glimpse or different perspective to try and make sense of what you're looking at, to take in as much as one possibly can. This article called "Gone With the Whimsy," is a worthwhile read that will leave you wanting more.

Francis Lee Smith, an engineer, built this unique and creative log structure in the Wapiti Valley, Wyoming. For thirty years the house has inspired stories and legends and tales, and has become somewhat of a legend in the making. You might hear that it was meant to be a lookout tower if an underground volcano erupted in Yellowstone Park, or you might hear a whisper that the house appeared to a man in a vision and was in turn built as a monument to the town, or a teenager might state that it was built by a madman, all these are just stories that have grown and been added to over time, a conversation with the builders daughter can fill us into the true story.

A legend is a narrative of human actions, that can change and be perceived differently depending on who tells the story and who is listening to the story. Legends can change and be transformed over time to keep the story fresh and alive and also be changed to fit the beliefs or realities of the listeners. Legends usually include some sort of miracle or uncertainty, and while we believe some of the story, there is also some doubt that exists about its truth.

A beautiful unique house that inspires years of stories and legends, making us question what the real truths are. Story telling and legends are the things books and movies are made of, we are fascinated by their origins, and can't seem to get enough of them. There are those people who are known for their storytelling abilities; somehow they can spin a tale out of nothing, drawing you in, and having you hang off every line. A good campfire is often a place where stories begin, I remember as a child, my father would tell his stories, scaring us, surrounded by the dark woods, the stars, the sounds of nature and the blazing fire, there really isn't a better place to start a story.

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