Getting Ready to Go Tiny? How to Downsize Room by Room

Getting Ready to Go Tiny? How to Downsize Room by Room

Are you thinking about downsizing? Or Getting Ready to Go Tiny? How to Downsize Room by Room. Many more people are choosing to go small, and when they do they must get rid of a lot of their stuff to downsize into a smaller space. This means going through all of their stuff room by room and really getting rid of things they don't need or don't use any more. This can be easier said than done, especially if you have been living in your home for a really long time. You accumulate so much stuff over the time that you live in a home and sometimes it isn't that easy to part with some of it.

This is an awesome, and helpful guide that will help you to downsize so you can move into that tiny home of your dreams and not have to worry about having a ton of stuff in your place. The key is to reduce your stuff by getting rid of 90% of it. Yes... you read right, 90% of your stuff should be let go of. Donate it to charity, throw it away or recycle it, but if you are serious about downsizing, you can't bring it all with you!

The kitchen is the worst place for accumulating stuff, they seem to make every gizmo and gadget for every function. Think about what you can do with one appliance, and if you can't do more than 2 things with it, then it probably shouldn't be kept. Things like a pop corn maker, well you can make that on the stove as well. Think about how they did things in the good old days, use your creative mind. The author of this post, Jenn, really takes you though very thoroughly on how to downsize in the best possible way. This is one to check out even if you aren't moving into a tiny house. We could all deal with a lot less stuff. Head over to 'Tiny House Blog' by following the link in the section below for more!

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