Get Inspired By This Small But Versatile Home In Copenhagen

Get Inspired By This Small But Versatile Home In Copenhagen

Houses these days differ in designs, structures, and sizes, of course. Wealthy people usually go for bigger houses, no matter if they have lower or higher number of family members. Well, you cannot blame someone if they have the means to buy a luxurious house. Practically speaking, however, there are lots of lower income families who opt for smaller houses. With this, they can maximize the house space without spending too much for home-related expenses. One small family house that will not cost you a hefty amount of money can be found in Copenhagen, Denmark.

This small family house is economically built by a brilliant architect named, Sigurd Larsen. It measures 80 square meters (861 square feet). It is composed of three bedrooms and a bathroom at the back portion of this house. Kitchen, small entry and utility area, general storage room, closets, laundry machines, and water heater are also available. This house has a simple rectangular shape. Adding to its simplicity is the fact that its gable roof has no dormers, valleys, or hips. What made this house low cost are the alternatives being built on some house parts. For instance; it does not need to have a large roof beam since its central bearing wall already supports the roof ridge, making the house have vaulted ceilings. The walls can be ordered from a certain property construction company. In this way, you can cut the cost of your beautiful small family house.

This house has no hallway in order to maximize the entire floor area. This is intentionally made this way; thanks to the idea of the ever brilliant Sigurd Larsen. This house will let you enjoy a wide space at its front, and this is great for socialization or social gatherings. When you are bored, you can stay in its large, private garden. Lastly, its interior finish is made from three durable materials; concrete, white plaster, and birch veneer plywood.

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