Geodesic Igloo in Kivik on the Faroe Islands

Geodesic Igloo in Kivik on the Faroe Islands

Small home living makes for mindful living, when someone chooses to downsize their home, into a small house or tiny house it allows for more conscious living by forcing the person to keep only the essential items they need, and practice more reuse, recycle and repurpose in their lives. This "Geodesic igloo in Kivik on the Faroe Islands," is small but beautiful with it's living roof, black exterior and geodesic igloo design, and it certainly couldn't be in a more lovely location, set in the scenic Faroe Islands.

There have never been more small home living options then there are today with strawbale homes, Victorian gingerbread cottages, minimalist Japanese houses, rustic cabins, modernist models of efficiency, hand crafted cob cottages, factory built prefabs, small vacation homes, shotgun houses, accessory dwelling units, converted container homes, beach shacks, tiny house, small cabins, small prefab houses, modular houses, small cottages, small modern houses, small minimalist houses, backyard cottages, and laneway houses to hame a few.

Living in a small house can also prove good for the pocket book, with a high percent of small home living owning their homes outright, many small home owners also have more money in the bank, and are able to live more of a meaningful life, one with travel, hobbies and activities that people enjoy. When living in a small home, micro home, or tiny home you have to make smart use of all your space, and use good planning and organizing within your tiny home, as your space is limited, you'll want to not accumulate a lot of clutter, and have a place for everything. That is the nice thing about small home living, it forces people to rethink what they need, and be more mindful of what they really need and want.

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