Genius Designs Of Tiny Houses

Genius Designs Of Tiny Houses

You'll want to see this "Arched Zebu Cottage" with its original design made from salavaged materials, along with other genius tiny house designs that will inspire you to live small. With tiny houses popping up all over the country, you'll be surprised at each unique design.

This arched Zebu cottage is a shabby chic cottage that was made out of 95 percent salvaged materials from 25 other houses, with some of the homes being as old as 200 years (yet still in great condition). This tiny house was created by Texas Tiny Houses. The tiny house is 12 by 18 feet and features gorgeous arched stained windows, a ladder leading to the upper round sleeping area, a rustic style kitchen and a spacious living and dining area.

As mortgage rates rise higher and higher, the tiny house movement is growing that much more popular. Many people are ditching their large homes and opting instead for more compact, sustainable living where people are reconsidering the stuff that they really need. Some of the amazing and unique tiny homes you will find in this article include; Richardson Architects Tiny House, a darling 260 square foot cottage that bursts with color and cheerfulness. The tiny home has a rustic styled porch with a lovely chalk board to write out the daily menu, and cozy wooden chairs made of recycle materials; Toms tree house, this tree house at Camp Wandawega, located in Elkhart, Wisconsin is wrapped around an old elm tree, the house has three stories, a ground open deck where you can dine or spend an afternoon daydreaming in the hammock or merely swinging away on the tree swing, a second floor with a common area with small library, and a cozy loft bedroom nestled on the very top attic floor; Orcas Island cabin, hidden in the lush elm and cedar woods on Orcas Island, Washington, the cabin is the perfect getaway for those seeking a refined forest escape. The 400-square-foot house features a kitchen with a dining area, separate living room, a bath and a loft bedroom above the living area; The Match Box, is an edgy new tiny house project, designed by Jay Austin and built at Boneyard Studios, in Washington D.C.. The 140 square foot home made zero waste, its self sustaining and completely off grid; and gingerbread cottages.

You'll also find the Wedge, the largest house on the list so far with a total area of 400 square feet. You'll be surprised to know that this posh tiny cabin is a mobile Park Model RV. The spacious bedroom was designed to fit king size beds, along with a few multi-functional storage spaces, as well as an under-counter hanging closet support and a butcher-block counter top, also serving as a desk. The L-shaped fully equipped kitchen is combined with the dinning area, plus theres a 100-foot deck where you can host barbecues or merely sunbathe and enjoy the splendid view outside.

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