Gambrel Roof Construction

Gambrel Roof Construction

The gambrel roof construction is the type of roof that is usually a symmetrical two-sided roof that has two slopes on each side. On the upper slope of a gambrel roof construction, the roof is positioned at a shallow angle while the lower slope is typically steeper. The gambrel roof construction has a look of its own and makes a structure look unique from the rest. The gambrel roof construction provides the advantages of a sloped roof while maximizing the amount of headroom inside the building's upper level and in turn shortening what would otherwise be a taller roof. The gambrel roof construction can also be seen in shed type builds offering up plenty of extra space in small home designs and styles. The word for gambrel roof construction comes from the Medieval Latin word gamba, which means a horse's hock or leg. In the United States, you will find a variety of shapes of gambrel roof construction that is sometimes called the Dutch gambrel or the Dutch Colonial gambrel that has bell-cast eaves. The oldest known gambrel roof construction in America was on the second Harvard Hall built at Harvard University built in 1677.

A barn which we typically know as agricultural buildings are the type of build that is usually thought of when you think about gambrel roof construction. Barns are usually located on farms and used for a variety of purposes from storing crops to housing livestock. A gambrel roof construction works in a barn because it gives so much extra room to the second floor of the barn which may be used for storing hay. You will find gambrel roof construction on all sorts of barns from older barns found in the United States built from wood that was hewn from trees that sat on the farm property and to newer barns that are now being built. In the mid to late 19th-century timber framing methods for barns in the United States began to shift away from the more traditional timber framing method to truss framed or plank framed buildings. There are also truss or plank framed barns that were known to reduce the amount of wood and timber used by using dimensional lumber for the rafters, joists, and sometimes the trusses.

Barns with gambrel roof construction are more popular than ever before and can be found for a variety of uses not restricted just to farm use. Now you can see modern barns being built with gambrel roof construction used for event gambrel roof construction barns, wood barns, gambrel roof construction barn homes, pavilions, barn Kings, windmills and barn accessories. The gambrel roof construction style of the building is a style of barns that more and more people are falling in love with and using in their barn builds and designs. There is something about the simplicity and beauty of a gambrel roof construction that people can't resist, and a good way to offer up additional space on the second floor of a barn build. Gambrel roof construction barn designs can be used as lake houses, full-time residences, cabins, secondary homes, loft apartments, and combination use of barn and home. You will find gambrel rood construction barn kits and home kits from companies across the country. These gambrel roof construction barn home kits are both rustic and beautiful, with lots of barn styles you can use for a variety of uses. With the gambrel roof construction style more popular than ever before, it is just one more option when it comes to the type of roof design you choose for your home build. *

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