Fulford Harbour Log Cabin Cottage with MUST SEE INTERIOR

Fulford Harbour Log Cabin Cottage with MUST SEE INTERIOR

This lovely Fulford Harbour Cottage is the perfect tiny home design to live in full time or for use as a vacation home in this idyllic location. Fulford Harbour is located on Salt Spring Island, in the Gulf Islands of British Columbia. This small cottage home sits right beside the ocean where those who stay or live there can enjoy scenic views. This dream tiny cabin design has a peaked roof with upstairs dormer to add space to the second floor. Cedar shakes on the upper part of the small cottage home compliment the nice shade of green used on the exterior, along with the darker shade of green that is used on the trim. Lots of windows on this small cottage home let in the natural light and offer beautiful views from all around. With a view like that, you wouldn't need a whole lot of space. This tiny home design does, however, have a nice amount of space with an open downstairs for the kitchen and living area, and the upstairs for sleeping. Before considering a small cottage design, you want to do your research at look at local laws regarding the smaller homes. You will want to look into things in the location you might be building like minimum square footage that designates a building as a permanent home, as some places have a minimum size of home you may live in.

This lovely small cottage home is a timber-framed style of building design. Timber framing is the building craft of joining heavy timbers by using mortise and tenon joinery. This method and style of building tiny cabin designs are centuries old as it predates the use of iron nails. The small cottage joinery is secured with hard wood pegs that are sometimes called tree nails. There are many examples of early timber frame home designs found in America dating back to the later 1600s, some of which are still standing and in use today. You will still find examples of timber framed homes and designs in Europe, that date back as far as the 13th and 14th century. After the industrial revolution and during the early 20th century, the method of stick framing is a style of building that became popular because of the availability of nails that were mass produced. Timber frame tiny home designs are known for their longevity. Timber framing is a style of building design that is more popular than ever, and over the years has grown more and more.

The benefits of timber framing small cottage homes is that they are aesthetically pleasing with all of the exposed timbers and lots of natural wood and light. Other reasons people like timber framed small cottage homes so much is because of the strength, clean lines, and beauty of this method of building. Timber framed tiny home designs are also versatile as they lend themselves to open floor plans with many design options. Timber framing offers wide open spacing between the beams and posts which allow for more freedom in the placement of the doors and the windows, which also allows for larger than average areas for glass. Timber framing can also be more energy efficient than standard building designs as they have the option of enclosing the timber frame designs with insulated wall and roof panels. This Fulford Harbour Cottage is just one of the small cottage homes you will find on the "Flickr" site. The site is a photo sharing site that you can see a wide variety of interesting photos on from small cottage homes, tiny cabin designs, gardening, lifestyle and so much more. **

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