From The Outside, It's Just a Tiny Log Cabin... But Look Inside. Your Mind Will Explode

From The Outside, It's Just a Tiny Log Cabin... But Look Inside. Your Mind Will Explode

Measuring at only 400 square feet, from the outside it’s just a tiny log cabin…but look inside. Your mind will explode! Hidden amongst a peaceful forest stands this ordinary cabin, or so it seems. It boasts a wooden exterior, many windows and a gorgeous deck for its guests to enjoy. Yet, it is the interior that its residents will enjoy the most, and never be able to forget.

With an open floor plan, this small cabin triples in size upon entrance. The interior mocks the exterior with floor to ceiling wooden panels and windows that give a non-stop view of the breath-taking nature outside. While this cabin keeps it simple with only the necessary rooms and just enough decorations, it is the details that amaze onlookers. From the fireplace, to the television, to the appliances - everything has been modernized. Take a step into the shower and be instantly surrounded by tile and glass. Or begin to apply your makeup, while your partner utilizes the second sink. Only this cabin could fit so much beauty into such a small space.

Many years ago, log cabins were constructed by the pioneers, as their materials were limited, and wood was abundant. These cabins used to be considered “moveable property” because if it were necessary, they could be deconstructed and placed on another piece of land. Today, log cabins are considered a luxury. They are built with the utmost attention to detail, using methods like metal hinges or “chinking” to bind each long with another. Landscaping around a log cabin is also very important, as it keeps the idea of nature going throughout the property. This little log cabin has it all. A beautiful, detailed exterior surrounded by natural landscaping and an interior that would make any modern day visitor happy.Head over to 'Dose' by following the link in the description below for more!

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