From Living For Ten Years On Camping Grounds To Their Tiny Home Dreams...

From Living For Ten Years On Camping Grounds To Their Tiny Home Dreams...

There are many different reasons people decide to downsize and live in a small house, tiny house, micro house, or small cabin, reasons vary for every situation and person or family. The following story "After Hurricane Katrina Washed Away Everything, This Family Rebuilt Their House as a Tiny Cottage," is an inspiring story of a family's transition to a smaller home, on their original property.

After Hurricane Katrina was he'd away their 2,000 square foot home, the Parson family had to relocate to Birmingham, and unfortunately could not afford to rebuild, so for close to ten years they spent weekend camping trips on their former property, which allowed them to stay close to their former community, and spend time in their old neighbourhood. The only thing left of the Parson's former house were the front steps that stood where their front door once stood. Thankfully Pye Parson got the chance to be featured on the FYI Network show, Tiny House Nation, so with the help of architect Bruce Lanier and Tiny House Nation, the parsons built a 576 square foot tiny beach cottage on their old property.

Parson had already been interested in small house or tiny home living, as were many other residents after Hurricane Katrina. People wanted to focus on family and what mattered after living through such an ordeal, many people were ready to downsize, to smaller homes. Parson and her family love their new tiny house beach cottage, that has lots of large windows, open space, high ceilings, a shower tucked beneath the staircase, sliding doors that convert into a dining table to save on space, and it fits her family just fine, small home living on the original property their old house stood on, with the old steps still standing, a reminder of their old home.

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