Four Lights is a New Tiny House Company that you Need to Check Out!

Four Lights is a New Tiny House Company that you Need to Check Out!

Jay Schafer, the creator of the tiny house company, Tumbleweed, is now coming out with a new company called Four Lights Tiny House Company. He brings us this company to help make the tiny house information more available to people, buy introducing more workshops and hands-on experiences. More of a DIY approach to building your own tiny home. There will also be a new tiny house village that he will be creating too! He is already setting the wheels in motion to have this become a reality, and is talking with Sonoma County to see what can be done.

This is innovation at it's finest, a man who saw a need for something, so he is paving the way for others to do the same. Jay moved into his own tiny house 18 years ago and has been designing and building them for people ever since. He is an amazing advocate for the tiny house movement and is helping to get certain legislations passed so that people can live as simply as they want and it shouldn't be a problem for anyone else. There are so many laws around the building codes and the sizes of buildings we live in, it seems like they are there so that this cycle of how things have been done in the industrial age, will continue on. But there is really no possible way that it can in a sustainable way.

We need more affordable housing solutions and this is definitely an amazing one that should be supported rather than kept in the limitations of the law. People should be able to live as freely as they want, with as little as they want. People should focus on becoming sustainable more than feeding into the consumerist game. Jay is making it possible for so many people to live the life that they want to live, and the motto of that life is to live simply, with what you need, while doing what you love and I really think that this is the way of the future that will revolutionize the way that humanity exists on our planet, and with each other.

You can already order a few different tiny houses from the Four Lights Tiny House Company, including one at 112 square feet, called the Gifford and one at 284 square feet, called the Mamara, which you can see in the photos in the article. They range in prices to suit every budget, which takes a lot of pressure off if you want to own your own home! Head over to Jetson Green's website by following the link in the description below for more!

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